About Us

"I’ve always loved exploring & discovering design whether it be through art, interiors, fashion or textiles. I have always been inspired with the fact that artwork created century’s ago, can still be relevant today.

After completing a degree in Art Direction at UAL, I decided to take my passion for design and create ModeAbode. During which time lockdown had began. With us all being forced to stay at home, I noticed that many started paying more attention to their habitat. The trend for maximalism became huge (and still is), people were interested in experimenting with colour and design to brighten up their space.

With the high street becoming more and more mass produced, uninspiring and predictable, I saw a gap in the market for good quality, sustainable, British made homeware, I knew that the time was right to create some new and inivative that would inspire my customers.

Working with emerging artists as well as re-working original artwork from century's ago is both exciting and inspiring and gives ModeAbode that extra difference.

I hope you love exploring the ever expanding range of designs for homeware as much as we love putting them together. On behalf of myself and my lovely creative team at ModeAbode it is our greatest wish, that your purchase will help to make your life - just a little more fabulous!”

Rhianna Miller,

Founder & CEO