Collection: Inspired By Influencers

We follow brilliant interior style-setters on Instagram and are absolutely loving the whole maximalism vibe that’s huge right now. Inspired by their talent, we reached out to some of our favourite interior influencers to ask if they would like to work with us to create their own design for cushions and prints.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have worked with influencers to produce a surface pattern design that reflects their interior style language and incredible talent for combining colour and pattern. The influencers created a style board along with pallet of beautiful colours for us to work from, that reflect their home and style.
A few weeks later and we are excited to introduce our collaborations with ‘The Hexagonal House’ & 'Unfinished_reno14'. Available as cushions and prints!
Thank you to Laura @thehexagonalhouse & Paula @Unifinished_reno14.
You’ve been an absolute joy to work with!


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