Collection: Featured Artists

Welcome to our cushion collections that have been created in collaboration with some of the most talented artists & print makers around in the UK today.

Hattie Gordon:

We are thrilled to be launching our very latest artist collaboration. We’ve long admired the work of up-and-coming Brighton based artist Hattie Gordon and her beautiful illustrative artworks. ‘The Hattie Gordon’ collection features exotic animals, birds, flowers & foliage along with oriental, majestic, palaces. Perfect for both children and grown-ups alike.

Jana Nicole:

It is an absolute privilege to working with award winning artist Jana Nicole, who’s first collection with us features a selection of work from her series ‘Botanical Troupe’.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Jana Nicole’s beautiful artwork, with it’s intercut layers of flora and fauna brilliantly Juxtaposed against her strikingly bold colour palette, are a perfect way to add some vibrancy and effervescent energy to your home or workspace.

Jana Nicole's most recent collection, features bold vertical stripes, layered with wild animal silhouettes, colourful butterflies, beads, feathers and an exotic ornament. 

Nic Miller

Artist Nic Miller creates stunning and colourful abstracts. Comprising of layered, overlapping colour and detail, his work is both arresting and intriguing. Nic's latest collection is titled 'Pathways & Connections' explores the concept of line and texture as a reflection of the human experience. 

Mode Abode are proud to support artists and their work. All Artists receive a percentage from each sale. Thank you for helping to support British Artists, illustrators and designers.