Collection: Colour Block Cushions

Welcome to our innovative 'Colour Block' cushion collection'. A selection of these cushions have been Colour-Matched to work perfectly with our statement cushions. Each time you select one of our cushion designs you will automatically be shown a choice of 'Statement Cushions' which colour match the cushion.

 In each case we have used a digital i-dropper to forensically find colours that match, complement and highlight each statement cushions.

Or perhaps, you’ve been searching for cushions to match an existing theme? Why not order one of our Colour-Sample Cushions, produced to help customers select from the hundreds of colours and shades on offer.

In much the same way that you’d use a paint chart to decide on which colours work best with your home or work interior, our Colour sample cushions help to take the guess work out of colour matching. Whether you choose from our extensive palette of bright (and unashamedly loud) neons, or select from our range of soft subtle shades of pastel, why not bring out the artist in you, and colour yourself and your sofa happy!

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