Ready to wear collections, for sofas everywhere.

Ready to wear collections, for sofas everywhere.

Well hello, you.

Welcome to our very first Mode Abode blog. Our aim is to bring you lots of ideas and inspiration for your home – no matter what size you have to work with. We are lucky enough to be, based by the seaside, in Brighton on the South Coast of England, we are run by a tiny creative team with big ideas, hi hopes and huge dreams. 

We are proud to say that all of our cushions are made in the UK, (if you are ordering in the USA, then that’s where your cushions will be made). When we began to put our ideas into action for Mode Abode, earlier this year, our first task was to seek out some of the best printers and homeware manufacturers around today. Months of research, learning, testing and creating later – and we’re now good to go. The very first ranges of throw, scatter, and feature cushions have been chosen and our very own ‘ready to wear collections' for sofa’s everywhere, is born. 

More dash than cash :)

The first of our ranges are as eclectic as we imagine our customers might be. We believe that interiors should be a reflection of us. But, often aren’t. Big ticket items such as sofas, and eye-wateringly expensive wall-papers (that you might be sick-of-the-sight-of next year), often end up being meet-in-the-middle compromises between house mates and/or other halves. The result is often neutral beiges, cowardly creams and – as has been the case over the last decade – dark dank greys. 

Mode Abode’s mission is here to help you accessorise your home, without braking the bank. In fact, for less that a couple of swanky sourdough pizzas and a cocktail (or two), a rather vapid beige sofa can become a show-case for abstract art, old masters, botanical studies, or a place that a pops with colour and pop-art designs. While we completely understand that for the sake of the planet we all need to buy less stuff, we really believe that you can restyle your living environment a lot, by actually changing very little. 


What’s Your Dream Theme?

Here at Mode Abode HQ, we love a theme. Currently, our great passion is all things green, and our love for indoor plants shows no sign of abating.  Boastfully big jungle plants such as the monstera (AKA the 1970’s Swiss cheese plant), are still holding centre stage, while the long trailing stems of our twin variegated Pothos are fast winding their way down our walls from their wicker-work nests towards the floor. We have two very beige sofas (yep we took the safe option too), covered with even paler (paler but thankfully washable) throws, perfect for muddy-dog-paw proofing from our little, (and often mucky), Cockapoo Nelly), to which we have chosen two large feature cushions from the Tropical Collection with several companion cushions, hand picked from our ‘i-drop’ colour palette to complement and expand the colour theme. 

Trending Now.

To kick off our first blog we thought it might be fun to take a look at what’s on trend this 2021 fall/winter. We’ve trialled through style magazines, had a good old nose at what interior stylists and influencers are raving about, and pulled on the traditional colours and themes of the fall season. Bring on the burnt orange and yellow ochre hues. What says autumn more that the crisp crunch of falling leaves and the beautiful shiny shells of nut brown conkers. Warm whisky hues snuggle so well with soothing mossy greens and are of course the go-to colours for this time of year. However this autumn, we’re feeling the need for neon. Consequently, we’ve chosen our first ‘Artist of the Month’ for this very reason. We are so in awe of Nic Miller’s use of subtle tones juxtaposed with eye-popping neons from cheeky pinks to full on go-glow greens and yellows. 

Inspired by Nic’s colour palette, we are introducing a range of unexpected neon colours, so vivid that they’ll brighten up even the dullest of days. Why not take a splash of inspiration from Nic Miller’s vibrant artist’s pallet and introduce some bold eye popping colours to your interiors this season. Our neon colours are perfectly matched to work with the Nic Miller Abstracts collection.

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